mountains, Running, Ski Uphill

Best Days

This weekend was full of fresh air, exercise and even some mountain time. The best kind of days.

Saturday I ran 10 miles. I’m just starting to build back up after the flu from hell took me out for 3 weeks. It was chilly and frosty but so beautiful. I only saw one other runner the entire time. I love long runs. While I ran I listened to (and thoroughly enjoyed) David Goggins on the Rich Roll podcast. The message from this podcast is “Welcome to 2019 people. Itโ€™s time to torch complacency. Get brutally honest with yourself. Embrace vulnerability. Callous the mind. And get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because your life is not some future event. Your life is now.” There were so many good nuggets in there that I tucked away for future use.

The frost was beautiful but I was jonesing for some deep fluffy snow. So my friend Myndi and I headed out on the touring skis up to Chester Lake. The snow did not disappoint! It was the best kind of snow- deep, fluffy and puffy like whipped potatoes. I love ski touring. It’s a great way to get exercise, be in nature, and experience places you can’t get to on foot. Plus skiing out is fun! I’m a pretty timid down hill skier but slowly I’m getting more comfortable. It’s not like resort skiing because you are on a trail that twists and turns through the trees. I’m trying to do less snow plowing and more skiing.

As great as the skiing was that moose was the highlight of my day. A little hello message from my dad ๐Ÿ’™.


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